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Back in the day there was a new class of music lovers who, yet again, had a need to move on from what had become the established worlds of Punk Rock, Goth, Synth Pop and the Neu Romantics movement. Not that they so much wanted to rid themselves of their idols but, instead, wanted to grow and explore other artistic directions. After all, that’s what often drives the artistic temperament. With them were the kids who had just come of age who had grown up wanting to be those idols. They too brought their take to what was to become a whole new scene that would take hold; only for some of them to be pushed into dormancy for about a decade until the time was right to resprout itself and blossom again; as the scene that celebrates itself.

Upside Down: the Creation Records Story is a documentary that truly celebrates itself. The filmmaker, Danny O’Connor, tells the tale of one of the penultimate records labels of the time, Alan McGee’s Creation Records. Creation Records helped to launch the careers of such notables as Ride, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Telescopes, Oasis, Primal Scream, Swervedriver, The House Of Love and, for better or worse, My Bloody Valentine. For what it’s worth, Creation Records wasn’t just a record label but a whole new scene that celebrated music and their creators and continued the excesses of the Rock and Roll lifestyle that all too often proved to be the undoing of more than a few, including Mr. McGee himself. You could say that sometimes, just a little too much celebrating. Along the way, as does often happen in the biz, there were also a few bad business moves and others not keeping up their end of expensive deals. Yes, I’m pointing a finger at you, Mr. Kevin Shields, the King of d.e..l…a….y, you wonderful bloody noise maker, you! Even without the next My Bloody Valentine record, Oasis alone may have carried the label on if it weren’t for Alan’s own demons.

Enough! Get the rest of the story complete with a soundtrack by some of the Creation Records bands, including an additional new film score created by none other than Ride’s Mark Gardener. Plenty of live clips amongst a massive swirling soundtrack, interviews from behind the scenes and recollections in hindsight from the scene makers so many of us are still celebrating.

Currently, Upside Down: the Creation Records Story is viewing at a number of film festivals around the world before it has it’s official DVD release on May 9th, 2011. If you are lucky enough to be in any of these areas at the time, you can catch a viewing on the big screen. Check out the schedule for dates and locations.

And, of course, any good music documentary will come accompanied with its own soundtrack for your personal listening pleasure. The official digital soundtrack is already available at the film’s website. The track listing below serves as a nice teaser to get us ready for what they have in store for us to celebrate.

1. Oasis – Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
2. The Jesus and Mary Chain – Upside Down
3. Primal Scream – Loaded
4. Ride – Leave Them All Behind
5. The Loft – Up the Hill and Down the Slope
6. Sugar – If I Can’t Change Your Mind
7. The House of Love – Destroy The Heart
8. Super Furry Animals – Something 4 the Weekend
9. Teenage Fanclub – The Concept
10. Swervedriver – Duel
11. BMX Bandits – Serious Drugs
12. The Boo Radleys – Wake Up Boo

Upside Down: the Creation Records Story
Upside Down digital soundtrack