//orangenoise plays live in Karachi, Pakistan

“Orange noise”

“Orange noise is quasi-stationary noise with a finite power spectrum with a finite number of small bands of zero energy dispersed throughout a continuous spectrum. These bands of zero energy are centered about the frequencies of musical notes in whatever scale is of interest. Since all in-tune musical notes are eliminated, the remaining spectrum could be said to consist of sour, citrus, or “orange” notes.[12]” [Wikipedia]

Hmm…. I like orange. I like citrus. I like to listen to the noise between the notes. Maybe that’s why I like //orangenoise. It shimmers, it shines, it rocks and it’s undefined.

Like their namesake, //orangenoise does not completely cling to any one genre or sound of music. That’s probably due to the various influences that each member of the band brings with them which has them continually wading between sounds that could at any given time be defined anywhere between Psychedelic to Shoegaze to Blues to Hard Rock. It’s not so much that they try to be any of these. They just share with each other what comes to them and allow the music to take them where it may, or creating what they call //orangenoise.

The members of //orangenoise are Talha Asim Wynne on guitar and vocals, Faizan Reidinger on guitar, Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey on bass and vocals and Danial Hyatt on percussion.

Talha had already made a name for himself amongst a small niche of Shoegazers across the webb with his solo work. Also, he and Daniel Panjwaneey had become favorites amongst the Indus Valley School of Art scene in Karachi, Pakistan which Talha had been attending at the time. They played together in a band called Look Busy Do Nothing.

Faizan and Danial (Hyatt) were part of another accomplished area band called Mole. After playing a Radiohead tribute show, a few of them moved their own private little gig to one of their homes where a jam session got underway. On several other occasions, Daniel Panjwaneey joined Mole to play bass for a few of their shows. But it wasn’t until the four found themselves jamming on the rooftops of Karachi that they decided that they should do something about all of this //orangenoise and get down to some serious business.

As it was, //orangenoise, stemming from a series of jam sessions between friends, originally started out as a collective. Once the ball got rolling and they refined their sound, they settled on the four members and got themselves some bookings. Their first show was in July of 2010 and was held at a very popular venue in Karachi, the Pakistan American Cultural Center. This was an exciting offer for the band because the majority of the bands play in small cafes across Karachi which are now popping up everywhere. About 80% of the local bands play covers of mostly Classic Rock such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd songs but there are some originals in the mix. //orangenoise is one of those originals who write and play their own music.

Check out //orangenoise psyching out during their first live gig at the Pakistan American Cultural Center on July 22, 2010.

Here’s another one for you from Karachi’s hot spot, the Base Rock Cafe in August of 2010. It’s of //orangenoise performing “Bright Khyber Life”.

Along with a new year and the band firmly established in the Karachi music scene, January of 2011 saw //orangenoise deliver it’s first EP release, //veracious.

You can make plenty of your own noise with //orangenoise’s //veracious which you can download for free from their Bandcamp page. Follow the link below.

//orangenoise - "//veracious"

Of course, you can also hear //orangenoise on Air Atlantic Underground Radio along with a couple solo tracks by Talha Asim Wynne.

//orangenoise on Bandcamp

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