Air Atlantic Underground Radio is always happy to hear from you regarding your thoughts. Though the station, catering to such a specific niche format, does not formally take requests, your suggestions, comments and questions are always welcome.


If you are a band, label or someone who would like to submit music for consideration for airplay on Air Atlantic Underground Radio, please use the form below. Once we establish contact, you will be given instructions on how to submit your music.

Please do be aware that Air Atlantic Underground Radio specializes in certain styles and genres of music that tend to appeal to specific groups of listeners that prefer to avoid the Mainstream. If you are hitting up every and anyone you can in order to push what you hope to be the latest Country or Hip Hop hit, it probably won’t be aired. Please take a few moments to listen to the station and peruse the website to make sure you are in the right neighborhood.

With that said, Air Atlantic Underground Radio does pride itself on allowing many bedroom musicians from all parts of the world with worthy unreleased material a chance to have some airplay alongside the likes of some of the major label greats. If you think that your music is up to par, fits with the station’s format and you can provide a good quality selection (After all, we both want to sound good!), than, by all means, let me hear from you.

Owner and main DJ of Air Atlantic Underground Radio.