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"Rock Back For Japan"

The latest update for the Rock Back For Japan compilations for the Japan Disaster Relief Fund from Patetico Recordings.

From Tom Lugo:

PATETICO RECORDINGS will be releasing the “Rock Back for Japan”-Disaster Relief Fund compilation series over the next couple of weeks.

It will be released for digital download, a couple of weeks later the hard copy CDs will be available through Amazon.

Please become a member of the site at http://www.patetico-recordings.com/apps/auth/signup?next=apps%2Fprofile%2F as we will send updates through it.

Artists involved:

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 1

01. Purple Bloom- kisses bloomed
02. Apple Orchard- Half steps towards bright skies
03. SPC ECO- Silo Too High
04. Tahaki Miyaki- Somethin is better than nothing
05. Insect Guide-
06. Black Swan Lane- Age end
07. Un.Real- Angel 75
08. Spotlight Kid- All is real
09. Tally Ho!- Rainbow
10. Counterfeit i- Atlantis
11. Panophonic- Disappear into the night
12. Spell 336- Silence
13. Orangenoise- Trust
14. The DeFog- A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 2

01. Stellarium- Chocolate & Strawberry
02. Absence of Ocean- Open Heart (Open Fire)
03. Hemming- Swinging at Ghosts
04. Slowness- Slowboat
05. Dead Leaf Echo- Baby Eyes
06. The Ludvico Treatment- Enter secondary character
07. Wavvement- The Girl in the Denim Vest
08. Anthing+After- Disconnected
09. The Bavarian Druglords- WorldofSound
10. Ten Pound Troy- Unchained
11. Boy Party- July
12. Pilot Cloud- Meridian
13. Short to the Ground- No Time
14. This Scarlet Mourning- Shine

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 3

01.Ceremony- Control
02.Golden Gardens- The High Priestess 2
03.Bosques- Dorstein Rejse
04.Oblisk- Around the sound
05.Stone Darling- All I wanna Do
06.Resplandor- Twilight
07.Ludwyg- Phantom
08.Dirty Pulp Theatre- Excessive Noise
09. Hope- Wolfredt
10.After Sun- Walking Through This Door Again
11.Wavefield- Automatic Electronic Machines
12.Neorev-The Stars Above Us
13.Jesus Deluxe- No Middle Ground
14.Sway-Thirty Seven Miles Beside the Ocean

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 4

01.Plumerai- Empty Graves
02.Leaving Richmod- Your personal infinity
03.Jazzblaster- Dream
04.93millionmilesfromearth-Sorrow Song
05.Anne- Perfect teeth
06.The Psychocandies- High Love
07.Periscope- Freak Beat
08.Music For Headphones- Life inside a parka
09.Anji Cheung-Vessel of the Earth
10.Last Remaining Pinnacles- Students of V.U.
11.Phantom Vibrations- Burlington
12.Bloody Knives- Let me out
13.The Sunshine Factory- Sugar Sister
14. Chatham Rise- Air Feat (Featuring EJ Hagen)

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 5

01.Screen Vinyl Image- Too much speed
02.Tone Rodent- These Blues
03.Deep Cut- Decision
04.The Tweeds- Christmas Time
05.Victorie & Hyde- Fire we were
06.Presents for Sally- Three
07. SER.ES- Satélite
08. The Hope Slide- The Survivor
09. The High Violets- The Orchard
10.Whirl- Leave
11. FRACTAL – Niña Flor
12.Westkust- Falling through the floor
13.The Telewire- Silence
14. Stellarscope- You always know

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 6 (Still waiting on some tracks)

01.The Lost Patrol- Justine
02.Niels Nielson- Step Aside!
03.Isabela Music Club- What were you thinking?
04.Thrushes- Crystals
05.Elika- Seam
06.Patrik Torsson- Summary
07.The Second Floor- More science than soul
08.Mechanism for People- The taste of a sweet life
09.Starry Saints- The Long Fade
10.Her Vanished Grace- Blue
11.Ill-iteracy- Inside ya mind
12.C’est la Mort- Paper Ships
13.One Unique Signal- Bishops (what does it mean)

Please support our cause!”

Many of you will recognize a lot of these bands and even some of the songs from the air play they get on Air Atlantic Underground Radio. No doubt, many more will be aired as time goes on. Now is your chance to get them for your very own. Keep watching because they will be available for purchase very soon! Just a little something that you can do to help our neighbors greatly in need in Japan.

Patetico Recordings



Tom Lugo: The Man Whose Heart Sings Love

Many of you are already familiar with a very special man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania named Tom Lugo. A man with the biggest heart in the world. Tom is the leading force behind the band Stellarscope and the owner of Patetico Recordings. He is also the man behind a number of music festivals, such as the Pop Noise Fest, in Philadelphia and Puerto Rico.

When times are tough, Tom is always the first to step up to the plate to contribute what he can in the ways that he does best.

As Japan continues to rumble, Tom has already devised a way to help collect a few funds to aid in the relief for the many victims of this tragedy. A series of compilations are underway to help aid the Japan Disaster Relief Fund. Though enough material has already been collected for a couple compilations, Tom is already considering a 3rd, and maybe even a 4th, to add to the collection.

There are three ways that you may be able to help.

1.) If you are a musician, you can submit a track for consideration for one of the later compilations. Make sure you select something good and not that piece of crap you can’t use because your singer smoked himself silly the night before and the guitar player had to resort to old worn out rusty strings because there weren’t any others left after breaking the last E and G strings anywhere near the studio. Besides, it was a crappy song anyway that really had no direction.

I’ve seen a few names of some who have already contributed a song and it promises to be a must for your collections. Some names that you will be proud to share some digital space with including a few rare tracks.

Remember, this will help to get you heard by an audience who may have never heard of you before. Also, if selected, you will be placed amongst others who have something worth hearing. Let the world hear you too are worth a listen.

You may submit your track to Tom Lugo at panophonic@yahoo.com as soon as possible.

2.) Once the compilations are released, buy yourself at least one copy of each compilation. By ‘buy a copy’, I mean actually spend a little money on a real copy, be it a hard copy issued CD or, if you prefer, a digital copy. I do not mean download a pirate copy that will give you the music but not do a thing to send aid to Japan. Remember people, that’s what this is all about. Helping our brothers and sisters in Japan. They need all that we can muster up, along with a few prayers or other loving vibes you might be able to send them.

Once these babies are ready, CDs and digital copies will be available from Amazon and through iTunes. While you are at it, don’t forget to maybe do a little early Christmas shopping or other gift purchasing while you’re there. It’s the kind of gift that gives to both your loved ones and to those greatly in need.

3.) Spread the word. Chat up these compilations and tell the rest of the world how great they are. Every little bit helps and Lord knows Japan needs every little bit that we can do for them right now and for a very long time to come.

Keep your eyes open on the Patetico Recordings website for the official release of these compiliations. Air Atlantic Underground Radio will also help to keep you up to date. Let’s help Tom spread the love.

Patetico Recordings
Patetico Recordings on MySpace
Stellarscope on MySpace


-Addendum- (March 14, 2011):
From the man himself, here is a partial list of some of the bands who have already submitted tracks.

SPC ECO, Screen Vinyl Image, Ceremony, Stellarium, Dead Leaf Echo, Sway, The Hope Slide, The Sunshine Factory, Dirty Pulp Theatre, Insect Guide, Bliss.City.East, Un.Real, Ser.Es, and many more.

The artwork, mastering and final details are in the works. It will only be a matter of weeks before the first compilations will be released as a digital download. Shortly afterwards, the CDs will be sold through Amazon.

Keep checking back for more details.