R.I.P. to London's The Luminaire

On Monday the 7th of March, 2011, the much loved London night spot, The Luminaire, closed it’s doors for the final time. After a full 6 year run, a very bittersweet moment for the club, the locals and the bands who made a bit of a home at the much loved venue.

On this night, the bands who helped to bid a fine farewell to The Luminaire where Spc Eco, Ringo Deathstarr and Piano Magic; all part of a Club AC30 event helping to kick off the release of Ringo Deathstarr’s new album, Colour Trip, but most importantly, to bid a proper farewell to a venue that has played host to many other fine shows. I’m sure many a tear were spilled in those last beers.

For those of us too many miles away and to help document the evening, a couple live videos have been posted for our viewing pleasure. This one is of the brand new Spc Eco song, “Gone”. Quit appropriate for a night spot that is now nothing but a bright spot in Shoegaze history.

Spc Eco – “Gone” (live at the Luminaire)

In case you’ve just crawled out from that rock that some Shoegazer has kicked to the side of the road, this is one of Dean Garcia’s projects. Yes, the same Dean Garcia most commonly known for the band Curve. Somewhat of a family meeting of sorts with his daughter Rose Berlin Garcia delivering those gorgeous whispery vocals. Also, filling in for Joey Levenson on guitar, who is firmly planted in Asia, Dean’s son Harry Kite Garcia.

Because one just isn’t enough, here’s another live Spc Eco video from that same show.

Spc Eco – “All My Love” (live at the Luminaire)

Adios, to The Luminaire.