The Stargazer Lilies - "Fukitol"

Feeling down and blue? Life getting to you? Need something to erase all your troubles away?

Take a dose of “Fukitol”, guaranteed to cure what ails you. “Fukitol” is the latest single from New York’s The Stargazer Lilies. The Stargazer Lilies is the side project of Kim Field and John Ceparano of Soundpool.

Full of sonic washes of gentle distortion and dreamy vocals, “Fukitol” is just what the doctor ordered. So, just sit back, turn up the volume and let The Stargazer Lilies put you in a perfect state of pure relaxation. Tune in, relax and just “Fukitol”.

Try a free sample of “Fukitol” here, courtesy of The Stargazer Lilies:
The Stargazer Lilies – “Fukitol”

*Warning: “Fukitol” may cause drowsiness, apathy and a general sense of well being.

The Stargazer Lilies