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R.I.P. to London's The Luminaire

On Monday the 7th of March, 2011, the much loved London night spot, The Luminaire, closed it’s doors for the final time. After a full 6 year run, a very bittersweet moment for the club, the locals and the bands who made a bit of a home at the much loved venue.

On this night, the bands who helped to bid a fine farewell to The Luminaire where Spc Eco, Ringo Deathstarr and Piano Magic; all part of a Club AC30 event helping to kick off the release of Ringo Deathstarr’s new album, Colour Trip, but most importantly, to bid a proper farewell to a venue that has played host to many other fine shows. I’m sure many a tear were spilled in those last beers.

For those of us too many miles away and to help document the evening, a couple live videos have been posted for our viewing pleasure. This one is of the brand new Spc Eco song, “Gone”. Quit appropriate for a night spot that is now nothing but a bright spot in Shoegaze history.

Spc Eco – “Gone” (live at the Luminaire)

In case you’ve just crawled out from that rock that some Shoegazer has kicked to the side of the road, this is one of Dean Garcia’s projects. Yes, the same Dean Garcia most commonly known for the band Curve. Somewhat of a family meeting of sorts with his daughter Rose Berlin Garcia delivering those gorgeous whispery vocals. Also, filling in for Joey Levenson on guitar, who is firmly planted in Asia, Dean’s son Harry Kite Garcia.

Because one just isn’t enough, here’s another live Spc Eco video from that same show.

Spc Eco – “All My Love” (live at the Luminaire)

Adios, to The Luminaire.



Jono Mofo from A Place To Bury Strangers in Rome May 2010 *Photo Credit: Dean Bromley

It is with great honor that Air Atlantic Underground Radio is proud to announce a new contributor to the Air Atlantic Underground.

Dean Bromley, will be your Captain in the new Videogazing Quarters. Dean hails from Manchester, England and will bring for your listening and viewing delight, videos for you to gaze upon from time to time.

Of course, the majority will feature the very music that you have heard here on Air Atlantic Underground Radio. Dean has a good sense of tracking down the best of music videos from the world of Shoegaze, Psychedelic, Bliss, Drone, Electronica and other very current and relevant offerings from the world of Air Atlantic Underground.

To access this new feature, click on the Videogazing tab. You will find the Videogazing tab either at the top of any page or along the sidebar under the Turn The Page section. You will also find on the sidebar, a list of videos that have been posted in the Videogazing Quarters.

Welcome, Dean!



Maybe there is something in the water. Maybe it’s all of those long, cold winter nights. Maybe it’s the etheric splendor of the flashing light parade of the aurora borealis. Whatever it is, there must be something in Stockholm, Sweden that has Youngteam devoting so much talent and time thinking about, writing about and playing about dreaming. Lost in a world of thought, Youngteam have decided to so aptly name their latest release Daydreamer.

Daydreamer, due out for official release in March of 2011 on Northern Star Records, is a delightful and ethereal mesmerizing exploration along a cerebral landscape of lush jangly guitars awash in reverb set to an array of harmonious melodies and enchanting rhythms. Every track, from beginning to end, are well placed, with one song as good as the next. Daydreamer will send you on your own sonic daydreams replete with all of the effects laden soundscapes of your dreams. As the band’s debut full length, it is amazing to discover that most of these tracks were recorded from live shows, thanks to the expert production skills of Mattias Glava. Mattias Glava is a top Swedish producer better know for his work with Dungen, Håkan Hellström and The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

Youngteam are; depending on whenever you catch them as they’ve had a number of personnel changes; Fredrik Liljequist, Peter Eriksson, Johan Angantyr, Mattias Hägerstrand (helping hands from time to time), Christian Rockström, Jesper Klein, Tobias Eidewald, Andrev Bergström, Matilda Johansson, Matilda Niang and Anna Järvinen.

When Youngteam put out their first release in 2007 as an EP called Missnobandjet, they chose to work as a collective and feature different lead singers. One of them was the much acclaimed Anna Järvinen who took to the mic for the often favored “Your Love”. Previously, Anna had established a bit of a reputation for her contributions with Granada and Dungen. Since her work with Youngteam, Anna Järvinen, on her own, went on to achieve a top ten album in Finland and Sweden.

As a special treat for the listeners of Air Atlantic Underground Radio, Youngteam and Scott Causer, owner of Northern Star Records, have allowed us an exclusive free download of an unreleased demo copy of “Your Love”, featuring Anna Järvine.

Don’t forget to tune into Scott’s radio show called Revolution In Sound which airs on Wednesdays and Fridays on Air Atlantic Underground Radio. Check our Broadcast Schedule page for air times. And, by all means, don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Daydreamer by Youngteam at the Northern Star Records online shop. It’s a real stunner!

Download here:
Youngteam – (unreleased demo) – \"Your Love\" (featuring Anna Järvinen) (an Air Atlantic Underground Radio exclusive!)

Purchase “Daydreamer” by Youngteam
Youngteam on MySpace
Northern Star Records
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